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28 Dec

Calculate your loan amount and your conditions directly online! Take a look at the offers of Agree Bank, Cream Bank and Lite lender Consumer Bank. Conclusion: If you take a loan on ‘centiloan’ online, you get almost six USD for free. Options such as securities trading and online credit. Savings Bank Group customers can now trade securities via George online.

Experience, interest and contact person of Agree Bank Austria

Experience, interest and contact person of Erste Bank Austria

Agree Bank, the leading institute of the Savings Banks Group, together with the banks is one of the largest banking groups in Austria. Over 14,000 employees serve over 3.5 million people (around 30 percent of the total banking industry). Agree Bank is even one of the leading providers in the private customer business in Germany. The main business activities of Agree Bank (Agree Group Bank ) are credit, custody and investment products as well as account management and credit cards of private individuals.

In addition to Retail Banking, the main activities of Agree Group include the care and support of corporate clients in matters of financing, investments and hedging as well as access to international capital markets, public finance and interbank market activities. Agree Bank is a member of the legal protection fund of credit institutions and bankers, the security fund of Bank & Bankers GmbH. Deposits of natural persons are secured up to USD 100,000 per customer.

As part of the Savings Banks guarantee scheme, Agree Bank and the savings banks guarantee their customers additional protection beyond the statutory deposit guarantee of USD 100,000.

Online banking expanded: now with securities trading and online loans

Online banking expanded: Georg now with securities trading and online loans

A second major innovation now offers the Shop the opportunity to purchase an online loan. Consumer credit requires no further collateral or documentation that is automatically pre-approved for creditworthiness; a visit to a branch is no longer necessary. With us you will find the right solutions and the customer chooses how he wants to operate his banking business, “he explains.

Loans over USD 3,000 can be raised, the interest is calculated individually and amounts to a fixed rate of 3.9% pa or more. The amount of the loan up to the automatic maximum amount can be set by you, as well as the amount of the personal rate, in which you vary the terms. Additional payments during the loan term are free. The loan is read into the electronic file in George.

This online balance is shown in the George Shop for those customers who have already been released for a possible credit limit due to their creditworthiness. The credit note on the current account is made immediately after the transaction by means of a Tac code.


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